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12 September 2021 (02:37) Fix NPC trading Add Dialoge "trade" "help" list selling or buying NPC Add Task system in Port Hope Update 0.1.3
11 September 2021 (18:59) Add NPC board Add Training Monk thais, kazordoon, venore Update Npc Refresh scripts Fix teleport temple Rookgard Fix Pits of Inferno fire
11 September 2021 (13:44) Add teleport Summon Add Auto attack offline Add Auto compiled items
11 September 2021 (04:19) Add domain
10 September 2021 (21:27) Add Client Custom in Windows link:
hello world!
[#7] 01 October 2021 (20:05) by GM Mau - Update 1.2 Client

All NPCs are fixed, full revision
Now 90% of the sales npc you can say "trade" to know what sells
floors that cannot be climbed are repaired
Goroma exit that is not finished yet is repaired
turtle portals are repaired

added spirit potion for paladin
Rune explosion is added that attacks according to your skill for knight and paladin
exevo gran mas vis now hit according to your magic lvl
ultimate healing rune now heal according to your magic lvl
sudden death rune were normalized according to your magic lvl
fixes the exhausted of the positions, removing the actions of the cures, making their use independent between both
it will be shaved down to fibula
repairs on the way to thais minotaur
many sales items are added for Sam in thais
a new weapon is added in Positive in the train area for paladin, they can skille shield and distance.
different quest log is generated to advance the missions
nightmare respawn is added in the desert between thais and venore
all blessings on the map are repaired
kazordoon only the southern npc sells the blessing
blessings are purchased at 10k each 1

The !report command was added which you can use to report errors to me, they will earn benefits on the server according to how critical the reported error is

Client update 1.2, adding new sprites and fixing code bugs
Server update 2.0, adding and correcting the connection pool handling for a more fluid game

Global version 1.2 taking only the client as reference

have a good game
greets you

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