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12 September 2021 (02:37) Fix NPC trading Add Dialoge "trade" "help" list selling or buying NPC Add Task system in Port Hope Update 0.1.3
11 September 2021 (18:59) Add NPC board Add Training Monk thais, kazordoon, venore Update Npc Refresh scripts Fix teleport temple Rookgard Fix Pits of Inferno fire
11 September 2021 (13:44) Add teleport Summon Add Auto attack offline Add Auto compiled items
11 September 2021 (04:19) Add domain
10 September 2021 (21:27) Add Client Custom in Windows link:
hello world!
[#9] 03 October 2021 (14:16) by GM Mau - Event loot x 2

Yesterday the server entered a state of sleep, I do not understand what it could be, I have reviewed the system a lot, and I think I have found a solution, for the people who wanted to enter yesterday to play I am very sorry, as compensation, the server will remain with loot x 2 (4) for 3 days, ending on Tuesday 5 at 10:00 p.m. Chilean time


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